There’s Big Money In Adobe Stock Free Photos


Last year, Adobe launched their newest offering in the Creative Cloud and called it Adobe Stock. They instantly became a part of the Big Six – one of the six biggest stock photo agencies in the market.

They did it by buying Fotolia for $800 million in cash. You wouldn’t know it unless you actually compare the two, but their library is the exact same as Fotolia’s.

Now that they’re out there, Adobe is offering 10 free photos when you had Adobe Stock to your Creative Cloud account subscription.

Claim Your 10 Free Photos from Adobe Stock


You don’t have to have a new Adobe account. They decided to include both new and existing accounts. All you need to do is add Adobe Stock to your subscription. It seems simple enough. If you already have a creative cloud account within Adobe ID, then you can add Adobe Stock for $29.99. The price will grant you 10 downloads per month – plus the 10 free you for signing up.

However, if you don’t currently have a subscription to the Creative Cloud, you’ll find that the same subscription to Adobe Stock that will grant you 10 downloads per month will cost you $49.99.

You see, the real savings aren’t in Adobe Stock alone.

The Real Savings Aren’t in Adobe Stock Alone


Before Adobe offered the Creative Cloud, they offered software such as Photoshop for about $1000. It was pricy, but the capabilities it gave you were worth it. At the time, no other software came close. There were others that tried, but Photoshop became the industry standard when it came to digital photo manipulation.

Adobe doesn’t do that anymore. They still offer it, but you can’t purchase Photoshop, download it, and make that copy uniquely yours. Instead, they’ve moved to the cloud and now offer Photoshop as a software service. Now, when you check the price to how much Photoshop will cost you, you’ll find that it is much more affordable but mere $20 per month.

This is where the real savings kicks in. The real savings aren’t in Adobe Stock alone. When you add any one of their software titles to your Creative Cloud subscription, along with Adobe Stock, you’ll find that your first software title is essentially free. Yes – this includes Photoshop.

You could pay $49.99 for a subscription to Adobe Stock – or, you could pay $29.99 for a subscription to Adobe Stock and an additional $20 for a subscription to Photoshop. That means you’re paying $49.99 for the Adobe Stock plus Photoshop. This makes Photoshop, or any other of their software titles, free of charge. This is where there is big money in Adobe Stock free photos. Take advantage while you still can.

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