Why Settle for Free Images if You can Get iStock Promo Codes?



loggers, web designers and businesspersons all need royalty-free images to jump-start their creative projects. They need these images to enhance their works look and feel, and to convey the right message to their readers and customers. They can these images from many sources. Some are free. Some are cheap. Others are expensive. If you are a creative professional, which of the three will you choose? Let us help you make a decision.

Free Images

Free images can be very inviting. You may think that you do not have to pay a price for your images, but you are wrong. Free images that come from Google image search come with a certain trouble – copyright infringement. Violations of the copyright law can lead to financial and legal damages. You will not only pay a large sum of money, but you will also experience a great hit on your reputation. If you are running a business, you will lose not only your customers but your partners as well.

Cheap Stock Photos

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If there is a great way to jump-start your creative projects, it is by purchasing cheap stock photos. There are a number of stock photo agencies in the market, such as iStock. iStock offers high quality royalty-free images for a cheap price. You do not have to break the bank just to get premium content. Cheap photos include all the necessary license and releases that allow you to use the images in any project for as long as you like, without worrying about the copyright police.

There are also iStock coupons for more savings. Our new and exclusive iStock coupon code gives 15% discount on subscriptions for new customers and 10% off on credit packs for new customers. Valid through June 30, 2016, it provides great savings for everyone. Unlike other iStock coupons, our new coupon can be applied on yearly subscriptions. We also recommend purchasing 60 credits or more to get the best value for your money.

Expensive Images

Typically, expensive images have the best quality. They are offered by larger players in the stock photo industry. They also include the necessary license and releases so you can use them anywhere and anytime. One of their distinctions from their cheap counterparts is their quality. Another is the fact that you will not find them in other stock photo websites. They are usually offered exclusively.

If you are a blogger, web designer or businessperson, your best option is cheap stock photos. You do not have to spend more on images just to create an amazing project. iStock also offers premium content for a fraction of the price. You also do not need to settle for free images. Free images increase your risk of getting financial and legal damages, which will ruin you and your brand forever.

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